Refit Revolution

Mobilizing a Fitness Revolution


After already establishing a massive Youtube following, the fitness stars at Refit came to us needing a website to sell their upcoming DVD. At the time, their website consisted of a Blogspot blog and they had never sold physical or digital merchandise online. Catherine, one of the founders, hoped that the proceeds from the DVD sales may enable them to someday build an online membership community with streaming classes and memberships as well as the ability to franchise across the globe.

Constrained by budget to a simpler website, we proposed a way to skip waiting for the community and build both an online store and membership site all at once: do a crowdfunding campaign and get all the funds for both upfront, paid for by their fans.

Catherine liked the idea, and so did their fans: They quickly raised more than twice their original goal and we were able to start building a website that would generate consistent and fast growing membership revenue.

REFIT now has one of the lowest membership churn rates in the industry, claims instructors worldwide, and is moving into a brand new headquarters building.

Let’s build the next big
thing together.